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New Bike Day – Yeti SB6 Turq 2018

In the shadow of lofty Mount Timah...   ... a new Yeti roams. There’s a fresh bike in the house, built several β€˜oldie but goodie’ components that survived the last iteration of the SB6 that I had been riding for more than 2 years. What lasts, lasts, - and stays on the bike, β€˜a part… Continue reading New Bike Day – Yeti SB6 Turq 2018

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New Edit: Chilcotins Backcountry Video

Managed to drop my first RAW Epics-produced video. A little background to the origins of this edit. I had been sitting on the draft of this for awhile. Lots of footage from our Chilcotins mission had been check and pared down into a 2-min+ piece. The decision-making process as to whether to upload it raw… Continue reading New Edit: Chilcotins Backcountry Video