MTB Skills Courses

We cater to different levels of riders: from the absolute beginner who may have never ridden a MTB before… to highly-experienced MTB enthusiasts looking for skills upgrades to send big lines and get stoked on advanced- and expert-level rides.

Our skills training approach reflects the unique demands of mountain biking. Consistent fundamentals, body awareness, mental focus, and tactical appreciation are the keys to riding a mountain bike well and with style, regardless of ability or physical fitness.

cropped-g0061567.jpgWe conduct training for all levels on local (Singapore) trails and trail centers, including:

  • Track 15 – Mandai
  • Bukit Timah MTB Trail
  • Chestnut Nature Park MTB Trails
  • Ketam MTB Trail – Pulau Ubin
  • Kent Ridge Park MTB Trail (DH line)

Training locations are not limited to the above areas, and can be in an area of your choice if there are established trails and trail features present.

For training in overseas and regional locations (ie: Malaysia and Singapore), please see our FAQs page.

We loosely describe the MTB skills training we conduct as ‘courses’; when in fact, skills training can take place in the form of a ‘clinic’, ‘camp’, ‘workshop’, or as part of the itinerary of a guided trip.

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Beginner – Introduction to Mountain Biking

Keen to try out mountain biking? We will help you gain the fundamental skills and familiarity with your MTB to explore your local trails safely, confidently, and with a high fun factor. Equal parts ‘how-to’ clinic and guided familiarization of the best trails to practice your new-found skills on!rpkids

Duration: 3hr

Prerequisites: Riders who are suitable for this introduction should be able to ride on roads and pavements; no prior off-road experience is necessary.

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Novice – Mountain Bike Skills Fundamentals

Learn setup and safety checks for your MTB,intro and learn how to use the fundamentals of Vision, Position, and Momentum. After this lesson participants will be able to apply and explore foundation techniques and practical tactics for riding ‘green’ trails and some ‘blue’ trails progressively and safely. Exploring more trails = increasing the amount of fun!

Duration: 3hr

Prerequisites: Novice riders should be able to ride dirt roads, trails with non-technical features & gentle gradients.

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Novice / Intermediate / Intermediate-Advanced – Mountain Bike Skills Development

Ready to step up your MTB riding game? Novice, intermediate, and advanced riders alike will benefit from a group class that revises MTB fundamentals, introduces higher-level techniques, and targets specific types of trail features or skill weaknesses. A great way to consolidate skills in preparation for riding new trail destinations! Further progression includes refinement of aspects such as timing, stance, and absorption; plus discipline-specific bike setup, skills, & tactics (for cross-country, enduro, or downhill riding) to ready you for your upcoming trip or event!


Duration: 2hr or 3hr

Prerequisites: Novice riders seeking further development should be able to ride ‘green’ trails, including some low- to moderate-technical features. Intermediate and advanced riders seeking further development should be able to ride technical features on ‘green’, ‘blue’, as well as some ‘black’ trails.

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Advanced – Technical Progression, Drop Progression, & Jump Progression

The essential piece of the puzzle that will step you up to steeper slopes, higher speeds, bigger air, and more style. Tackle those ‘double blacks’, tables, gaps, step-ups/downs, and various kinds of drops. These feature-specific progressions pave the way for you to enjoy riding DH and free-ride style trails in established bike parks, trail centers, and big mountain riding destinations.advanced

Duration: Variable, typically incorporated into an existing skills training or trip itinerary

Prerequisites: Riders taking up a progression training should demonstrate consistent application of MTB fundamentals, large range of motion, good brake control, and have a keen sense of body awareness, among other skills. They should be able to ride ‘green’, ‘blue’, and most ‘black’ trails; and show an interest in progressing on to consistent riding of ‘double black’ trails/features.

For ‘Advanced Progressions’, riders are strongly encouraged to have appropriate protective gear (full-face helmet, body armour, suitable clothing) and a MTB that is appropriate to the terrain in terms of geometry, suspension travel, and component choice.

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