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New Edit: Chilcotins Backcountry Video

Managed to drop my first RAW Epics-produced video. A little background to the origins of this edit.

I had been sitting on the draft of this for awhile. Lots of footage from our Chilcotins mission had been check and pared down into a 2-min+ piece. The decision-making process as to whether to upload it raw or with music was a prolonged one. Eventually, it was this one FB post by my friend Rhys Cheng that gave me the final push to get it done and pushed into the public domain. I hope you enjoy this video.

RAW Epics – Chilcotins Backcountry MTB Trip from RAW Epics on Vimeo.

Rhys’ message embodies the reason why this video exists at all – why the adventures we dream of and talk about can, and should be realized.

Live your life; take chances; stop procrastinating; seize the day; don’t let excuses hamper your progress.

PS: Do check it out the edit also as the first entry on our growing list of videos.