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Singapore Open Enduro

Singapore Open Enduro is an initiative borne of active engagement and inclusion of members of the local MTB riding community… coupled with enduro MTB racing – the fastest-growing segment of participatory MTB racing in the world currently. Photo credit: Yap Chi Wei

We take our passion for mountain bike riding to the next level – embodied in social involvement and the act of giving back – through initiating and being involved in the Singapore Open Enduro (SOE).

SOE, first run in 2016, is Singapore’s only enduro MTB event – an annual project that is independently funded, staffed, and run entirely by the MTB community; and is powered by the generous goodwill and support of the Singapore Government statutory boards and commercial sponsors.

Singapore Open Enduro community FB page – the go-to social media source for all SOE-related updates, news, and participant & volunteer updates

Singapore Open Enduro 2017 Event RegistrationLATEST UPDATE! This is the official registration site for SOE 2017

Help spread the love! Use ‘#soenduro’ when tagging posts, photos, and videos of you and your friends getting involved with the Singapore Open Enduro and its community of MTB enthusiasts, athletes, advocates, stakeholders, industry professionals, and thought leaders.


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